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We’ve covered the typical issues here, but we can always do more to make your Endcash experience even better. We want to learn and grow from your experience with the App. If you have a question that isn't covered here, please let us know via email at endcashsupport@rfhl.com using 'FAQs' in your subject line.
  • How do I sign up for Endcash?
    • Step 1 Select "Sign Up".
    • Step 2 Input your mobile number, create a password (a password contains a minimum of 8 characters a special character capital letter, and a numeric digit), enter your email, and select "Submit" or, sign up using your social media account.
    • Step 3 Your device will receive a code to verify your phone number. Enter the code and select "Submit".
    • Step 4 Enter your name, username, and contact info. The username is unique to each user. There are 2 types of profiles: Public means you can accept payment from anyone. Private means you can accept payment from only friends. Select “Submit” to continue.
    • Step 5 Select "Get Started".
    • Step 6 Check your email for an OTP and click "here" to verify your email address. Welcome to Endcash.
  • How do I set up Two-Factor Authentication?
    To enable “Two-Factor Authentication” you are required to download the Google Authenticator App and your email must be verified by Endcash.

    This can be done using two methods:
    1. Install Google Authenticator on the same device as Endcash.
    Select “Copy Code” and paste into the Endcash App in the next steps (4-5).


    2. Install Google Authenticator on another device.
    Scan QR Code shown on screen. When logging in you will require this device.
    • Step 1 From the Homepage, select the “Menu” Button, then select "Settings".
    • Step 2 Select "Set-up Two-Factor Authentication".
    • Step 3 Click "Get Started".
    • Step 4 Select "Copy Code" and then open the Google Authenticator App.
    • Step 5 Select the Plus Icon to set up your Endcash account.
    • Step 6 If installed on the same device, select "Enter a setup key" to paste code copied from the Endcash App. OR If installed on another device, select "Scan a QR Code" to scan QR Code displayed on the Endcash App.
    • Step 7 Enter the username for your Endcash account in "Account name". Paste the Google Authenticator Key. Click the "Add" button to get a "Time based" code.
    • Step 8 Select the code before the 30 second timer ends.
    • Step 9 Open the Endcash App and enter this "Verification Code" before the 30 second timer ends. Click on "Next".
    • Step10 Two-Factor Authentication is now enabled. Click "Finish".
    • Step 11 The Green Check Mark indicates that Two-Factor Authentication is on. You must log out then sign into the Endcash App, for changes to take effect.
    • Step 12 Sign in.
    • Step13 Endcash will ask for the "Login Code".
      Open the Google Authenticator App to retrieve code.
    • Step 14 The login code is displayed. Enter the code into the Endcash App before 30 second timer ends.
    • Step 15 Enter "Login Code".
      Click “Continue”.
    • Step16 Select your preference on the screen. Click "Continue". If you select "Save Device", it's not necessary to enter the code in the future.
    • Step 17 Login successful.
  • How do I add a credit card to my wallet?
    Your credit card is added when you first load your wallet.
    You are allowed up to 5 cards in your wallet.
    • Step 1 Go to the MENU and select "My Saved Cards" to manage all cards saved to your wallet.
    • Step 2 Select the "Add" button to add a new credit card to the wallet. You can add any bank issued VISA or MASTERCARD.
    • Step 3 View the payment details and select "Proceed" to enter your credit card information.
    • Step 4 Enter your credit card details and select "Confirm".
    • Step 5 Payment is successful.
    • Step 6 The card appears in "My Saved Cards" and is ready for future use.
  • How do I add money to my wallet?
    • Step 1 From the Homepage, select "Add Money".
    • Step 2 Enter amount you wish to add. Click on the "Add Money" button.
    • Step 3 Confirm the full amount including fee breakdown to be charged to card. Click on the "Proceed" button.
    • Step 4 Verify the transaction with your Endcash PIN, Fingerprint or Face ID if enabled.
    • Step 5 Select a card from your saved cards or use a new card, then select "Proceed".
    • Step 6 Payment is complete. Your wallet has been credited. Click "Done" to exit.
  • How can I withdraw funds from my Endcash wallet?
    To withdraw funds from your Endcash wallet, you can choose the following options:

    If you have a bank account, you can use the “Cash Out” feature within the app to transfer the desired amount to your bank account.

    If you’d like to receive either cash or a Manager’s Cheque, you can request it by using the "Contact Us" section of Endcash or call us at 62E-CASH(623-2274). Your request must include: your mobile number, cash out value, full name, cash out option (cash or cheque) and the preferred Republic Bank branch where you’d like to collect the funds.

    All "cash outs" to receive either cash or cheque are to be collected within 7 business days from the date of your request, after which it will be credited back to your wallet.

    Cash Out Fees
    • Cash Out Fee: $10
    • Cash Out to Manager’s Cheque: $30 ($10 cash out fee + $20 Manager’s Cheque fee)
  • How do I cash out to my bank account?
    • Step 1 Use the slider at the top of the Homepage to select "Cash Out".
    • Step 2 Add your bank account by selecting the green button.
    • Step 3 Enter your bank account details and select "Add Bank".
    • Step 4 Added bank will be displayed on "My Bank Account" page. Use the 3 dots to the right of bank account to edit or remove bank. Select bank account to transfer to.
    • Step 5 Enter the amount to transfer. Select "Transfer to Bank".
    • Step 6 Click on the "Proceed" button to confirm the amount to be deducted from your wallet.
  • Can I access cash from my Endcash wallet via the ATM?
    Accessing cash from your Endcash wallet via the ATM is not available at this time. Funds must first be transferred to a bank account that has ATM facilities in order to be able to withdraw at the ATM.
  • What are the fees for using my Endcash wallet?
    TT $3.50 when loading your Endcash wallet.
    TT $10.00 when cashing out to your bank account.
  • What are the daily transaction limits?
    Transfers between users – maximum TT $1,000 per transfer
    Payment to Merchants – maximum TT $10,000 per transaction
    Loading your Wallet (adding money) – maximum TT $1,000 per load; with no more than TT $10,000 over the course of a month.
  • How long do transactions take to process?
    Wallet to Wallet Transfers – Instantly
    Wallet Loads – Instantly
    Wallet to Bank Account Transfers - within One Business Day
  • What are Private and Public payments?
    A Private payment will only be visible to you and the recipient.
    A Public payment will be shared to your Newsfeed on your Endcash App.
  • How do I pay a user and make the payment public or private?
    • Step 1 Go to the user profile of the person to be paid. Click "Pay". Note: All payments are Private by default.
    • Step 2 Enter payment amount. Enter the optional reason for payment and add an image. To make the payment public, first select the "Lock" icon.
    • Step 3 Select "Public" from the list of options, then then select "Proceed to Pay".
  • Can I receive or request payment from someone who isn't my friend?
    • Step 1 Go to the user profile of the person to be paid. Click "Pay". Note: All payments are Private by default.
    • Step 2 Enter payment amount. Enter the optional reason for payment and add an image. To make the payment public, first select the "Lock" icon.
  • How do I send a payment request to a friend?
    • Step 1 From the Homepage, select the "Request" tab.
    • Step 2 Select the friend from your list of contacts.
    • Step 3 Enter the amount you'd like to request. State the reason for payment and attach images. Select "Submit Request" to send.
  • How do I cancel a payment request sent to a friend?
    • Step 1 Go to "Menu" and select "Payment Request".
    • Step 2 Select the friend from your list of contacts.Select the "Req. Sent" tab (Requests Sent). If the request is still pending, you can select "Cancel" on the desired request.
    • Step 3 Enter the mandatory reason for the cancellation and select the “Submit” button to cancel the request.
  • I paid the wrong amount to a Merchant/Person, what should I do?
    If you paid the wrong amount to a merchant/person, you should contact them immediately and advise them of what happened. If there is a dispute, merchants can give refunds depending on their own policies and persons can resend the wrong amount back to you.
  • How do I view my transactions?
    • Step 1 From the Homepage, select the "History" tab.
    • Step 2 From the "History" tab, you can view your transaction history via the "All", "Paid", "Received" and "Withdrawals" tabs.
  • How do I request a refund?
    Endcash facilitates transactions between Consumers and Merchants. If there is a dispute, each merchant has their own policy. Please contact the merchant to discuss a refund.
  • How do I scan a QR Code?
    • Step 1 To Scan a QR Code, select any of the options shown above: "Pay", "Quick Pay" or the QR Code icon.
    • Step 2 The camera on your device will open to scan the QR Code.
  • How do I use Endcash.Me to receive payments?
    • Step 1 You can view your Endcash.Me link from the "My QR Code" option in the Menu. You can copy and share this link on your social media or website.
    • Step 2 Paste link in social media, text or email to request payments.
    • Step 3 After clicking the link, the user is led to your Endcash.Me online payment page to enter details and make payment.
  • How do I pay an open tab to a business?
    • Step 1 Select "Open Tabs" from the Menu.
    • Step 2 The "Open Tabs" page will display all pending tabs and your current wallet balance. Click on the "Open Tab" button to allow a business to hold the amount requested as a deposit or tab.
    • Step 3 Confirm the amount requested and select the "Open Tab" button. Use your PIN, Fingerprint or Face ID to verify payment.
  • Should I pay a business that is not officially verified on Endcash?
  • How do I send and receive messages in foreign languages?
    • Step 1 Long press the message in "Chat".
    • Step 2 Select "Translate to English".
    • Step 3 Message is translated.
  • How does Endcash keep my information safe?
    All information is encrypted with SSL, AES (a two-way encryption) and SHA 256 (one-way encryption with no way to decrypt. This acts as a wrapper to carry the encrypted information), WAF (Firewall) TLS 1.3.
  • How is my credit card information kept safe?
    All Credit Card information is tokenized by the payment gateway First Atlantic Commerce (FAC). Endcash does not store any Credit Card information on its servers.
  • How does Endcash protect me from hackers?
    • Endcash allows a single session login which means only one device can be logged in to your account at any given time.
    • Each transaction is verified with your Endcash PIN or Fingerprint ID.
    • Any changes to your account will require an override account password.
    • If you have trouble accessing your account, you will be required to answer a security question.
    • We use optional Two-Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator. Multiple incorrect attempts when making a payment, answering the wrong security question or signing in will result in the account becoming locked.
  • How do I reset my password?
    • Step 1 From the "Log In" page select "Forgot Password".
    • Step 2 Enter your mobile number registered with Endcash. Select "Submit".
    • Step 3 Answer your security question. Select "Submit".
    • Step 1 Enter the 6 digit verification code received via SMS Text from Endcash. Select "Submit".
    • Step 2 Enter your new password twice to confirm. Select "Submit".
    • Step 3 You will be redirected to the "Log In" page. The validation message "Password changed successfully" will be shown.
  • What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?
    You should immediately contact Customer Care at endcashsupport@rfhl.com or 1 (868) 62E-CASH (623-2274) and we will temporarily disable your account.
  • Who do I contact for other questions about Endcash?
    For other questions about Endcash, contact Customer Care at endcashsupport@rfhl.com or 1 (868) 62E-CASH (623-2274).

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Any funds in your Endcash wallet (regardless of the amount) will not be insured or guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (“DIC”) as this type of account does not qualify for insurance coverage by the DIC.
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